Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament at night in London, UK


London Revealed: Your Essential Guide to the Iconic Capital


London captivates with its mesmerizing mix of history and modernity. From iconic landmarks such as the Tower of London and Big Ben, to the bustling Oxford Street, it promises an unforgettable journey.

Climate and Best Time to Visit

Boasting a temperate maritime climate, the city enjoys mild seasons. For festivals and pleasant weather, visit between May and September.

Local Cuisine

Indulge in Fish and Chips, the full English breakfast, or Afternoon Tea. London Restaurant Festival in October celebrates the city’s gastronomy.

Culture and History

Immerse yourself in a rich historical tapestry – from royal traditions to the diversity brought by its global influences.

Accommodation Options

Choose from a spectrum of options – from luxury hotels in Mayfair to cosy guesthouses in Greenwich or trendy hostels in Shoreditch.


Arrive via one of six airports, including Heathrow. Once in the city, navigate with ease using the Tube, buses, black cabs or rented bicycles.

Travel Tips and Safety

Mind the “gap” in the Underground, respect the queueing culture and exercise caution in crowded tourist hotspots.

Festivals and Events

Experience the New Year’s Day Parade, a vibrant display of music and dance, or join the cultural extravaganza at Notting Hill Carnival in August.

Fun Facts

Did you know the city houses over 170 museums and that Big Ben actually refers to the bell, not the clock tower?

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