Paris Eiffel Tower and river Seine at sunset in Paris, France.


Paris: The City of Love and Lights


Paris, renowned worldwide for its art, fashion, and cuisine, invites travelers to immerse in its stunning architecture, walk by the Seine, and witness iconic landmarks.

Climate and Best Time to Visit

Featuring an oceanic climate, it shines the brightest from April to October, especially during long summer days.

Local Cuisine

Savor the famed croissants, escargot, and coq au vin to experience the city’s gastronomy. Check out the Fête de la Gastronomie for a culinary adventure!

Culture and History

Rich in history, it houses a treasure trove of historic monuments, world-class museums, and a vibrant literary scene that leaves you awe-inspired.

Accommodation Options

From luxury hotels along the Champs-Elysées to chic apartments in Montmartre, accommodation caters to all budgets and styles.


Land at one of the three main airports and navigate the city through its efficient Métro system, buses, or iconic Vespa scooters.

Travel Tips and Safety

Master basic French phrases and always remain vigilant in busy tourist areas to ensure a memorable and safe visit.

Festivals and Events

Join in the city’s life at the Bastille Day celebrations in July and the Nuit Blanche art festival every October.

Fun Facts

Ever heard that the Eiffel Tower grows in summer? Or, that it’s home to the oldest café in continuous operation?

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